Statewide and National perspectives for the business and education communities

E-Luminosity believes that we are all in the education industry strategic planning for policy, management and infrastructure saves money and increases services.

After all, if your team is not getting smarter, using technology to do better, then in the end valuable resources are being diverted into projects that are not going to provide the highest and best value for the people relying on you.

Move your business or organization forward with us as your partner.

E-Luminosity can improve your lives and solve your problems with:

*       Grant Writing
*       Telecommunications
*       Broadband
*       CyberSecurity
*       Access and Identity Management
*       Cloud Computing
*       Website Design
*       Partnerships and Collaboration
*       Advocacy and Policy
*       Network Design
*       Access and Connectivity
*       Infrastructure
*       Building and construction for high tech community anchor institutions
*       Video Conferencing
*       Bring your own Device and 1:1 initiatives

Do more. Work brighter. We can show you the way.

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